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Spa Balancers Products

Water balance is important as it ensures that the mineral content of the water is in an appropriate state to protect the spa surface and equipment and make spa water more comfortable to bathe in. Water balance is affected by a wide range of variables – the quality and source of the water, what chemicals are added to the water, the exposure of the spa to weather conditions and so on.

Due to the small water volume, raised water temperature and rapid agitation, chemical reactions occur much more rapidly in spas than they do in a pool environment, making water balance even more critical. A proper balance of chemical factors such as total alkalinity, pH and calcium is needed for the sanitiser to work correctly, the water to be pleasant to bathe in and to prevent scaling or corrosion of the spa surface and equipment.


BioGuard SPA Shield raises calcium hardness to help prevent corrosion of equipment and etching of the spa surface.

Comfort Up

BioGuard SPA Comfort Up raises pH to help prevent equipment corrosion, surface damage, and skin and eye irritation. Suitable for or all spa types.

Performance Up

BioGuard SPA Performance Up raises Total Alkalinity to help prevent equipment corrosion, surface damage and helps control the pH. Suitable for or all spa types.


BioGuard Balance Pak 100 is a soluble powder protects the pH from being influenced by factors such as rain, swimmer load and other chemical application. It also helps prevent corrosion of equipment and metal fittings and can be used in both salt and chlorine pools.

Perfect Balance

BioGuard SPA Perfect Balance is a phosphate buffer that maintains stable pH, softens water, inhibits corrosion in spas and hot tubs though is not for use in concrete or fully tiled spas. It will also increase efficiency of the heater.