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Activated Filter Media (AFM®)


Resulting from 35 years of research and development, AFM ng offers superior filtration (200% better than sand) and prevents the transmission of bacteria.

  • Made from pure selected glass which is safe to touch, and won’t cut you.
  • Exposed to a patented 3-step activation process which makes the glass self-sterilising to prevent transmission of pathogens.
  • Developed by Marine Biologists who specialise in Aquarium and Water Treatment systems.
  • AFM ng prevents the formation of harmful chlorine trichloramines, so your customers can breathe easy.
  • With a certified 1-micron filtration rate (that is incredibly small!!), AFM ng is certified to surpass the performance of any sand or other glass filter media to provide exceptional water clarity.


AFM has undergone a patented three-step chemical activation process and has up to 300 times more surface area than sand. AFM is fully biofilm resistant and self-sterilising.

This process eliminates shards so, unlike other crushed glass media, it will not cut handler. It can trap 30% more organic substances whilst ensuring there is no home for bacteria, viruses or other pathogens which can be harmful to swimmers.

AFM comes in 3 ‘grades’, Fine, Medium and Course. Contact us today to find out more benefits of upgrading your existing filter to a media filter with AFM.