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  • The best of both worlds

    Enjoy the best of Both Worlds And Extend
    Your Swimming Season With a Swim Spa from
    Poolside Ballarat.

    we carry a Wide Selection Of Swim Spas For All
    Needs From Family Time To Swim & Exercise.

Our Swim Spa Range

Signature AQUA ZONE Series 3

Signature AQUA ZONE Series 2

Signature AQUA ZONE Series 1

Signature V-STREAM Series 3

Signature V-STREAM Series 2

Signature V-STREAM Series 1

Bullfrog 254

Bullfrog 252

Bullfrog 251

Leisurerite SWIM 4.5m

Leisurerite SWIM 4m

Leisurerite PLUNGE 4.5m

Leisurerite PLUNGE 4m